Buying a Used Concrete Mixer

The acquisition of any type of concrete equipment is a big expenditure at any time and with the current economic climate hitting the construction industry particularly hard, investing in new equipment can be a major decision. Concrete mixers play a key role in the building industry and they are an important capital investment that should require thorough research before a purchase is finalised. Finding a reliable supplier who can provide new or used equipment, before and after sales support as well as financial assistance will certainly help manage your cash flow while increasing your business assets. Thinking carefully about the type of equipment required will ensure that you get the most out of your investment while also giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Buy what you need, not what you want

Whether new or used concrete equipment is on offer, the range available can be tempting. It is important to consider your own businesses specific needs and not be tempted by gadgets and expensive add-ons that you don’t really need. Consider the specific uses that you need from equipment and the environment you work in. While considering future growth and changes to your business is important, weigh that against maintaining a healthy cash flow and working capital. So what are the key factors to take into consideration when acquiring concrete machinery?

Sites and locations

Four-wheel drive vehicles are required if you visit sites with difficult uneven terrain. The size of truck needs to be taken into account based on a number of factors. If you operate predominantly in the city then vehicles that can deal with difficult or tight access to sites and congested traffic, should be considered.

Size of truck needs to be a consideration depending on the types of sites likely to be servicing. Larger concrete mixers are suitable if you supply major construction sites on a regular basis. Concrete is mixed delivered and then vehicles return to the depot for the next load. Factors to consider include the type of clients you work with and the fuel efficiency you want from your vehicle. If you take regular orders for high volumes of ready mix concrete then a larger truck is the sensible option with a range of sizes available according to cubic meter wet concrete output. But, if you need a mixer for occasional orders, then the most fuel-efficient ready mix truck is likely to be the best option.