Audio Mixers to Mix Different Sounds and Enhancing Sound Effects

Sound mixers, also called as sound boards or sound consoles are the most general type of audio equipment in the audio production world. Each sound operator should know about the different sound mixers available and the correct way to use them. A sound mixer take two and even more signals, merges them together and offers more than one output signal. In addition to mixing signals, sound mixers enable to adjust levels, improve sound with effects and equalization, make monitor feeds as well as record various mixes.

Mixers are available in wide variety of designs and sizes from massive studio consoles to little portable units. Mixers are generally described through the total number of channels they sport. For instance, a 12-channel mixer includes 12 input channels. That is you can put in 12 individual input sources. You may also notice a specification like 24x4x2 that signifies 24 input channels, four subgroups and 2 output channels.

The mixers accessible are perfect for project as well as home studios or also on stage and in the recording studios. Many of the mixers present incredibly low-noise along with separate mic pre THD and are proficient enough to handle sound inputs varying from whisper to scream or even can easily handle hot line level signals devoid of any extra coloration. Some mixers provides a control room or phones source matrix, tape outputs, Master aux section along with EFX, a high volume headphone amplifier as well as balanced TRS and XLR outputs.

The most amazing aspect of audio mixers is that instead of unsealed, cheap potentiometers, many of audio mixers include co-molded pots that provide substantial impact relief and strain. A majority of the audio mixers available are the perfect pick for any type of situation that needs superior audio mixing, particularly where budget or/and space constraints are a problem. The audio mixers are beneficial for all kinds of recording purposes, including mixing the line output of more than one instrument amps in one mixer channel.

What makes the audio mixers an essential part of the audio recording equipment are its various exclusive features that almost each mixer possess. Ultra low noise mixer along with highest headroom, 4 precision engineered XDR premium studio grade mic preamps, 14 line input, constant loudness pan pots, 3 band active EO of 2.5 kHz, 80 kHz and 12 kHz, phantom power for the premium condenser mics and in built power supply are few of the features of audio mixers.

Few audio mixers also sports planet earth switching power supply for the global use, separate 48v phantom power-switches at all mic inputs and 60 mm logarithmic tape faders for linear, smooth fades.