Looking After Your DJ Mixers

DJs are quite popular nowadays and are in great demand for parties, marriage ceremonies and many other events. They help to set the mood of any party by playing the type of music that is suitable for the event and is also appreciated by the gathering. However, there is a caveat to all this. Even the best DJs will be unsuccessful in pleasing the crowd if their equipment is not in correct working condition. Maintaining and taking care of their DJ equipment is therefore most essential for a DJ to provide a flawless performance to their guests.

A DJ requires using many different types of electronic equipment. Some of them might not require too much care and attention but others like the vinyl, turntables, and the DJ mixers have to be maintained by cleaning them on a regular basis. Apart from the moving parts on a turntable, the mixer is another important piece of equipment in the DJs ensemble. It is the job of the mixer to blend different tracks together and also cause a myriad of effects like fade in and fade out. Search the internet and you will find various types of DJ mixers available manufactured by different companies as well as various replacement parts, all available online.

Though the mixers are generally tough pieces of equipment, they require regular maintenance in order to provide tip top performance. Dust and dirt get inside the electronic circuit boards of the DJ mixers and humidity from the clubs can cause the layer of dust to act as a conductor and thereby potentially damage the circuit on the surface of the electronic circuit boards. The end result is a crackling sound in the playback. If you do not clean the mixer on a regular basis, you might well end up damaging it. There are various maintenance kits available for DJ mixers and you can buy these both in specialist shops and online. You can also purchase the affected items individually, particularly cross-faders.

For cleaning your DJ mixer you will require a screw driver, a tube of special lubricant and a can of compressed air. All these items can be sourced from a local hardware store or also from stores that sell DJ equipment and accessories. The fader of your DJ mixer is designed in such a way that they can be taken apart and cleaned or replaced easily, as they do wear. Before proceeding ahead with the cleaning task, ensure that all equipment is unplugged from the power source.

Using the screw driver, remove the screws that fasten the fader plate to the mixer. You will notice that a connector attaches the fader to the mixer. Now detach the connector and remove the additional screws that hold the cover plate to the fader. Take the can of compressed air and use it to blow air into every nook and cranny of the fader. You should ensure that the fader is free of dust before proceeding ahead. The last step includes lubricating the crossfader and reassembling back the equipment. Listen to the scratch free sound that the fader now provides and enjoy a clean performance from your well maintained DJ mixer