DJ Equipment Mixers – Now Equipped With MIDI Support For the Extreme Performance Experience

The new breed of DJ mixers are right there under your fingers — finally, a gadget that allows both new and professional DJs to blend standard audio are here, plus, additionally allowing them to control virtual DJing software using the same controls on the mixer via MIDI. DJ equipment mixers have never been this mobile and powerful — and absolutely in.

The coolest thing about a DJ equipment mixer is that it is packed with the aspects of first class DJ gear when it comes to your critical beat-mixing — your DJ system can now build its own conventional DJ-style music minus the effort of maneuvering a lot of buttons and getting lost in a sea of cables and wires. The main function of DJ equipment mixers is to allow more than one song to play through a sound system at the same time. Your DJ equipment mixers aren’t really supposed to scare you — truth is they were already used from your regular night parties down to wedding receptions, school dances and other events manipulated by the music person, DJ or not. So you’d get pretty familiar with this one in no time.

So let’s get a little more acquainted with DJ equipment mixers. There are actually a number of good DJ mixers in the market today — there are units that are used for some music mixing and matching including dance beats between songs while others are the general mixers that can be used for scratching, mixing dance beats or both. You can pretty much take your pick from the wide array of options available — you can definitely make your own songs adding up some little wild twists giving you the ultimate personalized music you’ve always craved for for as long as you can remember.

Another DJ must-have that can definitely get you an upgrade is the MIDI controller. It brings a simple and fixed kind of DJ mixer-style control to the world of computer DJing and live performance but with a touch of “something else”. Now whatever that is, is up to you. A MIDI controller does exactly that — give you power and control in how you would want to progress. You can get perceptible and not so complicated controls for volume, EQ, cueing, pitch, cross fader and a transport with a single USB connection. That is the beauty of laptop computers and mixers — you get boundless options to bring your electronic performance to the high class category. So remember: if you’re looking to get the best kind of DJ equipment mixer, don’t forget to check out MIDI supports. You would be missing a lot if you don’t.

DJ Equipment Speakers and Mixers – Selecting the Right Units

DJ Equipment Speakers

Speakers are, obviously, a very critical part of any DJ’s set up, so you need to carefully consider your choices. And you won’t find any shortage of choices. Online stores carry all the major brands and models, and you can often learn quite a bit just by browsing the online descriptions. Of course, if you have any friends who are DJs you can get plenty of advice from them.

For starters, there are two kinds of dj equipment speakers: active and passive. Active speakers have amplifiers built in, so all you do is send a signal from your mixer to each speaker. Of course, you do have to adjust the speakers before your event, and there is the issue of getting electrical power to each speaker which means more wires run to where you locate your speakers. But lots of DJs prefer this system and the simplicity it offers.

Passive speakers have no built in amplifier, so you must have either an external amp or a powered mixer to feed your speakers.

I prefer passive speakers hooked to an external amp. But this is a matter of personal preference.

DJ Equipment Mixers

DJ Equipment Mixers are at the heart of any DJ’s setup. For the new DJ the choices might be a bit bewildering, but they need not be. A mixer is just that – a device that lets you combine two or more inputs into one output that typically feeds your amp and then your speakers. It’s more that just a “switcher” that allows you to select inputs, although sometimes that’s what it is used for. And it’s more than just a volume control, although, again, it does that, too. But it does more.

DJ equipment mixers allow you to have all those great fades from one input to the other. Some mixers come with built-in effects so you can modify your sound in cool ways. Most all mixers have EQ controls which allow you to shape the sound coming from the different channels by adjusting the bass, mid-range, and highs.

The other thing a mixer does for you is it allows you to use a pair of headphones to listen to only one channel at a time, or to listen to the entire mix. You will find this to be extremely valuable.

The DJ doesn’t need some large console mixer with 24 or more channels. Often four channels will suffice. Stick with one of the major brands and really learn how to use your DJ equipment mixer and you should be off to a great start.


The main thing is that all your gear – from DJ equipment speakers to your DJ mixer to headphones and microphones all works together properly so you get good sound – and happy clients.

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